Blogging tips from a content marketing strategist

You’ve heard it before from content marketing strategists and pretty much anyone on the internet – blogging is important. Content marketing is a great asset for a business. Google’s love for content is no secret.  Its algorithm places a heavy focus on a website’s content and the frequency of its updates, so regular blog postings can improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This means you will rank higher in a Google search – a win for growing businesses! 

A woman building new content for her website

Not only can you rank higher in Google, a blog is great social media content and can drive traffic back to your website. 

And of course, the one thing that’s important when looking to grow your leads is to build trust. Although it can sometimes feel that you are giving away your intellectual property, you have to give a little to get a little. Blog posts are a great way to position yourself as experts in your industry. They also keep you relevant, give you an opportunity to go beyond the hard sell and add a little value to the reader (potential client). 

Our resident content marketing strategist

So you know you need to write a blog, what do you write? That’s where we come in! My husband, Alex, and I have been a content marketing strategist duo for years – in addition to a lot of other advertising-related things. In the interest of “giving a little,” we’ve decided to share some the most important lessons we’ve learned over the years. Put into practice, these can have a profound affect on your site and the visitors it receives each month.

1. Think about your FAQs  

It is important that you choose topics that resonate with your target audience, so have a think about what they would want to find out from you. The best way to approach this is to ask yourself what the five most popular questions your customers ask you are – there are five blog topics already!

2. Content marketing strategists know the importance of keyword research

Keyword research is something that any content marketing strategist worth their salt will stress the importance of. Thorough keyword research takes time, experience, and training. You’ll want to entrust that to experts, but there is nothing stopping you from finding highly relevant topics to blog about today.

Type in your business specialty into Google, scroll to the bottom and see what the “suggested searches” are. This is what your potential clients are interested in knowing. You know what to do from here…  

3. Make a guest post 

Your blogs don’t always need to have a sole focus on your industry and they don’t always need to be from your perspective. Is there someone who has had major success from following your advice? Someone who has an ‘outsider’s perspective’ on a relevant topic to your industry? For example, if you have a fishing charter business, get an expert about protective outdoor clothing in to speak about/write/record their tricks of the trade.  

4. Beginner’s guides 

You may be experts in your field, but the rest of the general public are probably not. Just because something seems simple to you, it may be daunting for others. Start by writing about the basics of all your services. Explain what they are in layman’s terms and why it is important. It’s easy to speak in industry jargon when you work so close to your business. Step back and think as your consumer would.   

5. Jump on the back of a national celebration or event

You’d be surprised at the number of celebration days there are in a year – World Nutella Day, Hug a Plumber Day, Love Your Lawyer Day … the list goes on! There are bound to be a few relating to your business and many that are blog worthy.

When I first started as a content marketing strategist, this seemed like low-hanging fruit – but not in the good way. To my surprise, readers and Google searchers found the content both engaging and relevant.

You might want to write about how the federal budget will affect first home buyers (for real estate agents), or how the ski season could affect your life insurance policy (for insurers)? There’s potentially a link in many events – you’ve just got to find it.  

Are you feeling like a content marketing strategist?

I hope this guide has given you the confidence you need to start blogging. Staring a blank screen can be intimidating but something is always better than nothing! I always stress to our clients the importance to start writing consistency. In world of search engines, content is king, and you don’t want to be left behind.

 As you could probably tell, we love words and we also love coffee. Join us for one if you’d like some more food for thought. Or if you’d like to make us your content marketing strategist, please contact us, call us on (03) 5975 375 or drop us a line at [email protected]